10 Brilliant Denim Tricks Everyone Who Wears Jeans Has To Know

9. Follow The Care Instructions
You might have heard it from your mom or grand-mom asking you to hand-wash your delicate clothes. Though we agree that denim is not a delicate fiber but if you want your denim to last for over a longer period, prefer hand-wash over machine wash. Also instead of drying them machine dryer simply hang them and let them dry naturally by wind. Before washing you denim leave them into mild detergent for sometime and then wash it. An another denim trick states that avoid using rash detergent for washing denim as it it harms the fabric.
10. No need to wash denim everyday!
No need to wash your denim daily to remove the bad odor of sweat. Lock them in a zip lock sack and freeze them overnight. It will not just remove the bad odor smell but also kills bacteria. Bacteria’s are killed due to freezing temperature.