Almost All Cops Agreed, It’s The Worst Case They’ve Seen. Hell Awaits Sick Couple


A young Alabama couple has been arrested and faces a number of serious charges after taking their newborn twins to a local emergency room.

The Ashville, Alabama couple were arrested on May 3, 2016, for torturing their twins. The children were born in January and brought to a hospital in April, where emergency room workers immediately became concerned for the children’s lives.

Alabama National Guardsman, Marion Austin Dycus, twenty, and his nineteen-year-old girlfriend Jordan Lanie Swenson, were arrested on May 3, after a police investigation initiated after they took their three-month-old twin daughter and son to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The infants demonstrated numerous injuries consistent with torture and abuse and had to be admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

The baby girl suffered from respiratory distress and had bite marks on her face as well as deep bruising over her body and head. She Also had a torn frenulum, which is the fold of connective skin the lip and gum.

The male twin had fractured ribs and also severe bruising on his head and face.

The police were notified by hospital staff when the children were admitted on April 27, and they began an investigation that culminated in attaining an arrest warrant for the couple.

The warrant alleges that Dycus and Swenson “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat, or otherwise willfully maltreat the child by causing physical injury which created the substantial risk of death on multiple occasions.”

At their arraignment, the couple were held on bonds of one million dollars each and remained in custody.

At a later hearing, St. Clair County District Judge Alan Furr lowered both of their bails to one hundred thousand dollars each. However, they were still unable to post bond.

He also ordered that, should they make bond, they not be allowed to see the children or have contact with anyone under the age of fifteen. Judge Furr also sent the case to a Grand Jury for consideration of indictments.

The twins are currently in the care of relatives.

The public has taken to social media to express themselves over the case and of their faith, or lack thereof, in the court system to do right by the twins, saying things like:

“These two will walk. They will convince the family members to give them back the twins. And, the next time, they will kill them. Great work, judge. Great work, DHR..”

“These two worthless turds need a good old-fashioned flogging followed by a beat down! Losers!”

“These two losers are more reasons for justifying planned parenthood.”

“They do not need their bond lowered. They need to stay right where they are. The allegations are malicious and callous. Those babies did not deserve that.”

“Why would you lower the bond on these despicable thugs?”

“It was the mother who was the abuser. And this guy isn’t their bio dad. Mom has past psych issues and had been giving the dude reasons why the babies had bruising because he was trying to figure out why there were so many marks, but mom kept telling him it was normal for newborns.”

If this couple is convicted, what do you think their punishment should be? Share your opinions with us here.

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