Doctors Have Serious Warning For Anyone That Keeps Ketchup In Their House


Do you want to know how much sugar is really in ketchup? Mr. Eastcoastman filled up a typical 1.3 liter bottle of Heinz ketchup with the actual amount of sugar they are spoon-feeding your children and you. It came out to 33 tablespoons of sugar. That’s more than 2 cups of sugar – and you probably use a teaspoon or two for your morning coffee.

Your average serving of ketchup – like a squirt onto a hamburger patty – is about 2 tablespoons. Each serving of ketchup comes with two teaspoons of sugar – and you probably never even knew you were eating it.

Also, you might notice the healthy sounding “spices” and “natural flavorings” in the ketchup ingredient list. But we have NO CLUE what those are! Only Heinz knows what they’re putting into your food.

Watch this recipe for healthier homemade ketchup today!

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