Family Get Freaked out after Seeing Ghostly Faces in Daughter’s Party Pictures


But unfortunately,

“There were only five kids there at the party and they were only there in the room. Charlotte was taking the picture and my other son Eddie was away camping.’

She continues,

‘There’s literally no explanation for it. We were trying to work out what had happened, trying to re-enact it without scaring the kids.’

But this is not the first time that the Watts family claim they have had paranormal experiences and they believe that both incidents are linked…

After going through every possible logical explanation, the Watts family made a connection to what happened in their last home in Barry where they lived for 12 years.

Sally Watts claims that a medium confirmed that the ghost of a little boy lived with them in their previous house. Despite going through “so many things” the spirit never seemed to be “nasty” or “threatening”. Sally detailed all the ‘classic’ things that one would expect from a ‘typical haunting’: “things would move”, she would hear “mum” called but it was never the children and a rocking horse which used to “neigh and make clip-clop sounds” used to go off without being touched.

Additionally, Mrs Watts talks of how the ghostly visitor impacted her relationship with her children,


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