Family Get Freaked out after Seeing Ghostly Faces in Daughter’s Party Pictures


“‘I used to blame Charlotte. One minute you’d be watching the EastEnders omnibus and then you’d have to be putting tools away.’

But this little boy, whoever he was seemed to have one solid moral conscience as he would always make sure that Sally’s children weren’t blamed for his actions. He would do this by communicating with the eldest Watts daughter, Charlotte.

A neighbour was finally able to provide some clarity about the ongoing events. The Watts discovered that a six year old child named Anthony had once been playing outside and slipped and died in the Watts’ family home.

So how are they coping with the grisly photographic evidence after everything they claim to have experienced? Better for it, it appears. Sally confirms that “thinking it could be the little boy who used to be in our old house makes it easier for [her] to process”.

And just so you know, the family doesn’t care for people who are skeptical about their story. They repeatedly stress that they are “not asking people to believe”, it is just that they themselves have no other explanations.

Want more paranormal? No problem. A remote trail camera allegedly caught a ‘ghost girl’ playing in the forest.



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