Neighbor Thought He Got Away With Evil Act, Has No Idea He’s Being Recorded. Pays The Price


On Sunday, a neighbor pulled the plug on a child’s birthday party bounce house. This forced the device to quickly deflate and ruin the party. But not only did this ‘neighborly’ Port St Lucie, Florida neighbor ruin the party, his action trapped about a dozen children in the falling plastic. These little ones needed to be rescued, but not all made it out unscathed. Two were sent to the hospital in critical condition – all because this person is the world’s meanest neighbor…

Even though the bounce house birthday party was probably annoying for the neighbor, pulling the plug on the party house was way out of line. Especially considering that it was still in use, this Port St Lucie neighbor endangered the twelve children still playing on it.

The stranger was caught on surveillance cameras committing the act. Now police are searching for the grumpy neighbor who refused to let little children have a good time in the middle of the day.

If you’ve never bounced on one of these bounce castles, know that the plastic is extremely heavy. And if a child is very small, it could threaten their life. Suffocation was a reality in this incident.

Deborah Romero was outraged. She claims children were still using the inflatable house during her daughter’s birthday party. When the frumpy neighbor pulled the plug on the fun, it suddenly started to deflate.

“We were very nervous about the kids because it was extremely hot, and they were trapped inside the bounce house,” she told WPEC. “We couldn’t really reach for all the kids, and we unfortunately had to pull one of the kids by his leg.”

Parents struggled to rescue the little children. They were only between the age of two and three and a dozen of them were at risk. Two of the little ones were rushed to the hospital. One was in distress and the other had to be checked for possible injuries.

The surveillance footage was reviewed after the criminal incident. Romero watched as an unknown man in his 60s walked onto the property and ruined the fun. Not only did he pull the plug on the bounce house, he also threatened the lives of twelve little children.

After ruining the party, the angry neighbor leaves the property and walks back out onto the street.

When the surveillance footage was shared in a YouTube video, people across the internet began calling the party-plug-puller a “bad neighbor” and a “piece of trash.” It is hard to argue with these apt names for the bad man.

Police told WPEC that they canvassed the area but failed to find the horrible neighbor. Although none of the other residents on the street admitted who the man was, this is not the first time he has struck. Romero admitted that her house has been targeted before. During the holidays, her family’s Christmas lights were cut. It must have been this man.

It is assumed that Port St. Lucie residents are withholding information about the man. But if they knew what their neighbor was up to, they would expose his criminal ways and contact the police.

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