Secrets About Women Every Man Should Know


5. Mood Swings

According to doctors, pregnant women go through lots of mood swings. Well this is not completely true. Every normal girl have different versions of mood swings.
For example: They will make a movie plan a week prior, will do shopping for that too but a night before they cancel the plan for any silly-billy reason.
This example illustrate that one can never predict a women and their mood swings and can never find the reason behind such disastrous mood swings.

6. Woman’s bathroom
A women bathroom is nothing less than a mini-saloon. One can find a variety of shampoo, soap, conditioners. Some girls also have a such big deo-perfume collection that if they want they can open a small shop for it. Some have almost every shade of lipstick when can give a small competition to Lakme retailers.

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