This woman has been pregnant for 14 years with no end in sight. Her story started when she was 13.


And now it’s not only Suzanne and Noel who are growing the family. Their eldest daughter, Sophie, is 23 and in the mold of her own parents she already has three children of her own. Just as much as they love being parents, the Radfords must surely be very proud grandparents too!

Rather like a family from a previous century, their first child, Christopher, was born 28 years ago when Suzanne was just 14.

Everyone knows how frustrating parenthood can be. Kids are often loud, messy, wake up in the night, and don’t want to do their homework. Parents’ worries as the children grow older don’t lessen either. But the Radford family in England has taken on a little more parenthood than most: they have 19 kids!


Yes, that’s right. Suzanne and Noel Radford have 19 little Radfords and to round out that number, they’ll soon add a 20th. Counting up all the months she’s been expecting Suzanne will have been pregnant for a total of 14 years, not even counting her next baby. She and her husband have ten sons and nine daughters.

Sun bathing bump ☀️

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