Wives Confess The Deepest Desires They Hid From Their Husband


3.  Flirty when on a girl’s night out 

Women love to flirt with all the possible good looking male around her when she is on girl’s night out. Women hide such desires from everyone as they are afraid that they will be slut-shamed if the reveal their desires to someone, especially to husband. Women also distant themselves from flirting with other male because women are afraid that their husband might accuse her for cheating on him, though she was not, in reality she was just doing a healthy flirting which comes up naturally when you are with your male best friend.

4. Fantasies about having an extra-marital affair

Having an extramarital affair is nothing less than an adventurous sport. It gives chills in spine what if you get caught and such chills women feel when they are fantasizing about having extra marital affair.


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